Healthcare branding services: five essentials for success

If you ask a healthcare advertising agency if they do “branding,” you’ll of course get the answer “yes.” However, usually “yes” means an improvised strategy workshop, followed immediately by a design exploration. If you ask a consumer branding shop about branding, you will get an excellent, comprehensive scope of work…costing […] keep reading

Brand storytelling made easy

Much has been written about brand storytelling. And as such, the definition of brand storytelling has taken on such a complex meaning that it has become confusing and frightening. Let’s distill all the dissertations out there to get to the essence of what brand storytelling is about, and how to […] keep reading

Breakthrough medical devices: where’s the love?

Imagine a candy-like dietary supplement that you could pop in your mouth and it would suppress your appetite and help you lose weight safely. Further imagine that the supplement came in scrumptious flavors like chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter. Sounds intriguing, right? The Jeffrey Martin company bought the marketing rights […] keep reading

Rebranding: 5 lessons on how to avoid a fail

Rebranding can often take more guts than brains. The smartest, most savvy branding experts could come up with the ideal new pathway to re-launch a brand, but if the internal stakeholders don’t buy in, then failure is inevitable. Leadership with the guts to foster change is as much—or even more—important […] keep reading