Brand architecture: 5 principles for success

Sooner or later (sooner is much better), companies face the vital need to manage their Brand Architecture: the relative relationship between corporate, franchise and product/service brands. Brand Architecture could be a long story in and of itself (it occupies a chapter in my book, Identity Crisis). Suffice it to say […] keep reading

How to brand a disease or medical condition

Branding a medical condition? Isn’t that the Devil’s work? Isn’t it just one more way that the pharma, biotech and device industries fool people into spending more money on their products by inventing fictional conditions? Let me tell you why this is nonsense. We’ve written in the past about disease […] keep reading

5 ways service branding differs from product branding

Many services make big mistakes when they attempt to brand themselves, especially when they try to impose product-branding protocols on their identities. We’ve written in the past about  How to think about branding healthcare services. While the branding process is the same—discovery insights about customers and completion, brand strategy development, […] keep reading

Why branding’s worst enemy may be advertising

“Let’s just get the ad concept right, then we’ll add the branding to it.” “We’ll write the tag lines after the ad concepts are done.” “Branding is more of a collective, long-term goal; advertising is for the here and now.” These are verbatim quotes from ad agencies with which I […] keep reading

How to begin branding: 5 tips to get started

Is branding a mystical experience? An occult practice that only an oracle can divine? Not at all. More than anything else, branding is a discipline—a series of rituals that, once honored, leads to your brand’s best destiny. Every successful brand and branding expert should know these rituals, but I’m continually […] keep reading